Giant's Cave

Remains of a partially mummified skeleton

Giant's Cave also called the Cueva El Gigante is a cave site located in Guerrero, in the Tarahumara Sierra in Chihuahua, Mexico.

According to the specialists the site is part of a Pre-hispanic burial ground, and since 2010 and 2011,ten mummies and thirteen skeletons have been found in the cave. From these 23 individuals, ten are articulated, meaning the extremities are united, and conserve tissue, so they have been cataloged as partially mummified. The other thirteen individuals were conserved as skeletons. Three of these are said to be infants, the rest being those of young adults and adults. Most of bodies were discovered in the Fetal position and from current evidence they seem to have been deposited in the cave bundled in cloth and vegetable fibers.

Latest finds from the site have been two human corpses that were partially mummified and a Raramuri ancestor’s skeleton and have now been added to another eight that were found in the same place late 2010.

Once the human remains had been registered they were taken to the Museo Comunitario de Historia Regional, where afterwards the conservation and analysis stage will be undertaken.