The Woman with the Perforated Neck, also known as the 'Janus' because the face is depicted on both sides of the flattened figurine is a Venus figurine carved from dark green steatite. It was discovered in the Balzi Rossi caves at a depth of 6m. It is 62mm long and is dated to 17 000 ± 180 BP attributed to the Epigravettian as it was found in a later of hearts which were carbon-dated.


The Woman with the Perforated Neck


The head is flat and circular, with the eyes and mouth carved on the front and back of the head. There are no forearms, and the breasts are oval-shaped. There is a prominent belly, and the buttocks are flattened. A small open vulva has been carved, and the knees and feet are indistinct or absent. It is perforated through the neck.