Venus of Frassassi

Venus of Frasassi

The Venus of Frasassi (Italian: Venere di Frasassi ) is a Venus figurine carved from a piece of stalactite. It is 87 mm long, weighing about 66 grams and is pearl white in color. It was discovered in the Frasassi Caves of Genga, Italy. The figurine is now on display at the Marche National Archaeoligcal Museum (Museo Archeologico di Ancona).

The face of the figurine is barely shown with large breasts, placed high on the chest. A navel is shown on the full abdomen, and the vulva is clearly shown in relief. Legs taper to about below the level of the knees, which are not shown, when they are broken off or were never carved. The forearms unusually extend well in front of the body, possibly as though they were used to holding something. The appearance of the head appears to have been carved in two portions, with a groove that separates the front face from either a back face, or an additional head.[1]