Yeliseevichi Venus

The Venus of Yeliseevichi is a Venus figurine found at the site of Yeliseevichi on the River Sudost, in the Briansk Province, Russia in 1930. It is carved from ivory and measures 15cm in height.

The figurine depicts a shapely woman with no feet, head and hands and has prominent buttocks and legs.The breats are indicated but not highlighted and seem to have the look of a younger figure which has not yet gone through childbirth. The waist is slim, the hips and thighs are well formed, as are the breasts, unchanged by child-rearing. It has quite a different emphasis and seems from a different tradition when compared with most other Kostenki Venuses, nor for that matter with most of the other Gravettian venuses from France.

It has affinities with the unusual "Venus Impudique" from France.