Rongorongo B-v Aruku-Kurenga (color) edit1

Rongorongo of Easter Island, which may be one of very few independent inventions of writing in human history.

Writing systems are used to structure and translate human thoughts into persistent representations of human language.

History of Writing[]

Ark tablet

Cuneiform writing

Full writing-systems appear to have been invented independently at least four times in human history: first in Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq) where cuneiform was used between 3400 and 3300 BC, and shortly afterwards in Egypt at around 3200 BC. By 1300 BC we have evidence of a fully operational writing system in late Shang-dynasty China. Sometime between 900 and 600 BC writing also appears in the cultures of Mesoamerica.

There are also several places such as the Indus River valley and Rapa Nui (Easter Island) where writing may have been invented but it remains undeciphered.


A glyph is a picture or symbol that represents a word, used in some writing systems, such as the one used in ancient Egypt.